Airplane Cookie Cutter | 5 Best Options of 2024

Did you know cookie cutters have been around since the Middle Ages? Today, they take flight with adorable airplane shapes! Whether you’re celebrating a little pilot’s birthday, a travel enthusiast’s retirement, or just love the thrill of aviation, airplane cookie cutters make baking extra special.

Imagine cookies shaped like classic biplanes, sleek jets, and even whimsical hot air balloons. Frost them in bright colors, add sprinkles for detail, and you’ll have edible masterpieces ready for takeoff.

And you know what the best part is? These cutters aren’t just for cookies, you can use them to shape sandwiches, pancakes, and even fruit for a perfectly themed snack. So, get ready to explore the best airplane cookie cutters and let your culinary creativity soar!

Quick Pick Section

Product NameMaterialWeightPrice
Ann Clark Airplane Cookie CutterKD4U Top Pick AwardAlloy Steel0.03 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
Sweet Cookie Crumbs Airplane Cookie CutterKD4U Runner Up AwardStainless Steel0.02 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
Bundle of Fun Jet Airplane Cookie CutterKD4U Great Design AwardPlastic0.039 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
Keewah Airplane Cookie CutterKD4U Best Value AwardStainless Steel0.07 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon
ZDYWY Airplane Cookie CutterStainless Steel0.01 PoundsCheck Price On Amazon

1. Ann Clark Airplane Cookie Cutter – Our Top Pick

Ann Clark Airplane Cookie Cutter
KD4U Top Pick Award
Key Specs

  • Material – Alloy Steel
  • Weight – 0.03 Pounds

Crafted by renowned cookie-cutter manufacturer Ann Clark, our KD4U Top Pick award winning Airplane Cookie Cutter stands out not just for its quality but also for its functionality and durability. Made in the USA from certified food-safe materials, this cutter’s robust construction ensures that each cookie comes out with sharp, clean edges which makes your baking experience hassle-free.

Perfect for aviation-themed parties or as a creative tool in the kitchen, this cutter’s versatility extends beyond cookies to shaping delightful sandwiches, pancakes, and fruit snacks. Measuring approximately 4 inches by 4 inches, it offers the ideal size for treats that are not only delicious but visually appealing.

The Ann Clark Airplane Cookie Cutter is undeniably a must-have for both baking enthusiasts and aviation lovers alike. Its sturdy design guarantees long-lasting use, which makes it a valuable addition to your kitchen toolkit.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Unique Design


  • Limited Flexibility

2. Sweet Cookie Crumbs Airplane Cookie Cutter – Runner Up

Sweet Cookie Crumbs Airplane Cookie Cutter
KD4U Runner Up Award
Key Specs

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 0.02 Pounds

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, Sweet Cookie Crumbs offers a durable and versatile Airplane Cookie Cutter, and is our KD4U Runner Up award winner. This kitchen tool, perfect for creating precisely shaped cookies, sandwiches, and other themed treats, ensures your culinary creations come out looking professional every time.

With its easy-to-clean surface and rust-resistant material, it stands up to frequent use, making it a reliable choice for both amateur and professional bakers. Its intricate design allows for the creation of detailed cookies that are sure to impress at any aviation-themed event.

So, elevate your baking game with this exceptional cookie cutter, designed to last and inspire creativity in the kitchen.


  • Durable Design
  • Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Cost Effective


  • Hand-Wash Recommended

3. Bundle of Fun Jet Airplane Cookie Cutter – Great Design

Bundle of Fun Jet Airplane Cookie Cutter
KD4U Great Design Award
Key Specs

  • Material – Plastic
  • Weight – 0.039 Pounds

Innovatively designed, the Bundle of Fun Jet Airplane Cookie Cutter earns our KD4U Great Design award winner accolade for its unique appeal and functionality. Its exceptional design catches the eye, making it a favorite among baking enthusiasts looking to add an aviation twist to their confections.

Crafted with precision, it allows for the effortless creation of jet-shaped cookies that are bound to impress. Durability is a key feature, as it withstands the test of time and frequent use, ensuring that your baking adventures are both fun and fruitful. This cookie cutter stands out not just for its design but also for its ease of cleaning, making post-baking cleanup a breeze.

Aimed at those passionate about aviation and baking, it’s a must-have tool that brings a touch of the skies into your kitchen creations. Ideal for themed parties or as a gift for the aviation enthusiast in your life, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.


  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Child Friendly


  • Less Durable

4. Keewah Airplane Cookie Cutter – Best Value

Keewah Airplane Cookie Cutter
KD4U Best Value Award
Key Specs

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 0.07 Pounds

Crafted for excellence, Keewah Airplane Cookie Cutter emerges as our KD4U Best Value award winner. This innovative tool transforms your baking experience by offering both unmatched quality and affordability. Constructed from durable stainless steel, it guarantees longevity and resistance to rust to ensure your investment lasts through countless baking sessions.

Aptly sized for versatility, it renders impeccably shaped airplane cookies, perfect for any aviation-themed celebration or as a unique addition to your culinary creations. Easy to clean, it promises a hassle-free post-baking process, allowing more time to enjoy your delicious treats.

With rave reviews for its efficiency and design, Keewah’s Airplane Cookie Cutter stands as the go-to choice for bakers aiming to elevate their kitchen artistry without breaking the bank.


  • Sturdy Handle
  • Easy Storage
  • Precise Cuts


  • Smaller Size

5.  ZDYWY Airplane Cookie Cutter – Coated Metal

ZDYWY Airplane Cookie Cutter
Key Specs

  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Weight – 0.01 Pounds

ZDYWY’s Airplane Cookie Cutter brings a touch of innovation and style to culinary crafts. Crafted from coated metal, this product stands out for its durability and ease of use. Ideal for aviation enthusiasts and creative bakers alike, it effortlessly shapes cookies, sandwiches, and more into airplane silhouettes.

A distinct feature is its coated surface, which not only adds to its longevity but also ensures that food release is smooth and hassle-free. With precise cutting edges, users can achieve professional-grade results right from their home kitchens.

Furthermore, its easy-to-clean attribute makes post-baking cleanup a breeze, enhancing the overall baking experience. Overall, for those looking to infuse creativity into their baking or crafting aviation-themed treats, this cookie cutter is an excellent choice, promising both quality and fun in kitchen endeavors.


  • Superior Durability
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Requires Careful Maintenance

Our Selection Process

In selecting the best airplane cookie cutters, we considered several critical factors. The ability of the cookie cutter to maintain its shape while cutting cookie dough was a significant criterion to ensure that you can achieve precise and consistent shapes with ease.

We also studied customer reviews to determine the satisfaction levels of previous purchasers by focusing on aspects like durability, ease of cleaning, and overall value for money. These reviews provided insights into real-world use, highlighting any issues or standout features.

This process helped us identify the top performers in the market, ensuring our recommendations met the high standards expected by bakers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Buying Guide Tips

When choosing the perfect airplane cookie cutter for your baking projects, there are several crucial aspects to keep in mind. Not only should it meet your aesthetic desires, but it should also comply with practical functionality and safety standards. Here, we explore four key considerations to ensure you select the best cutter for your culinary creations.

1. Material Quality

The material of your airplane cookie cutter plays a pivotal role in both durability and safety. Stainless steel cutters, like the airplane metal cookie cutter, are renowned for their longevity and rust resistance. For those preferring a lighter option, food-safe PLA (a type of biodegradable plastic) is commonly used in 3D-printed cookie cutters, providing a child-friendly option without compromising on safety.

2. Size and Precision

Size matters when it comes to detailed designs. A mini airplane cutter can be perfect for intricate patterns and smaller cookie projects. Ensure the cutter offers a sharp cutting edge for precise and clean cuts, contributing to the overall presentation of your baked goods.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Post-baking cleanup should never be a hassle. Opt for cutters that are easy to clean, keeping in mind that stainless steel cutters often require hand washing, whereas many food-safe PLA cutters can conveniently go into the dishwasher.

4. Versatility

Consider how versatile the cutter is. Can it only be used for cookies, or is it also suitable for cutting fondant, sandwiches, or other culinary creations? A versatile cutter adds value, allowing your creativity to soar in the kitchen.


1. Can I use these cutters for business purposes?

Absolutely! These cookie cutters are perfect for businesses, especially those in the baking or party planning industries. They add a unique touch to products, making them stand out.

2. Is it necessary to hand wash these cookie cutters?

Yes, to prolong their life, especially the stainless steel ones, it’s recommended to hand wash them. The PLA cutters might be dishwasher safe, but hand washing is safer.

3. Can I make plane-shaped sandwiches with these?

Definitely! These cutters are versatile and can be used to shape sandwiches, creating fun meals for children or themed events.

4. What decorations work best with airplane cookies?

Royal icing or fondant are excellent choices for decorating airplane cookies. They allow for detailed and colorful designs that make the cookies visually appealing.

5. Are these cutters suitable for beginners in baking?

Yes, these cutters are very user-friendly and perfect for beginners. They offer a great way to practice decorating skills with a fun, plane shape.

Final Thoughts!

The perfect airplane cookie cutter is a vital tool for both novice and seasoned bakers aiming to add a touch of aviation magic to their culinary creations. With careful consideration of material quality, size, ease of cleaning, and versatility, you can find an ideal match that not only excels in cutting cookie dough smoothly but also stands the test of time.

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